We are a non-profit that promotes the exchange of skills, knowledge and resources in a way that each participant receives fair compensation.
Don Nico
Equitable Connections started from the initiative of one of its co-founders, Sandra, a Franco-Peruvian woman who spent her childhood in Pallasca, a community in the Peruvian Andes. During this period, she lived with her grandfather, Don Nico.
Don Nico was a local legend who dedicated his life to the development of his region, a historical leader who accepted to be mayor of his town at a time when politicians received no remuneration other than the satisfaction of having contributed to the common progress. Don Nico loved to work the soil, he travelled to other regions to exchange with different people and learn about their methods and techniques, as well as to obtain new seeds (potatoes, barley, wheat, quinoa, oca...). He gladly shared his know-how about crops and ranching with the rest of the community and encouraged barter economy between regions. People from faraway lands often came to him for advice.

Equitable Connections was created in the end of 2018 thanks to the association of 10 friends who wanted to continue this legacy of collaboration and development initiatives. The project is starting in the Pallasca province and will gradually expand to other communities and countries.

Don Nico
Our mission is to create, adapt and implement sustainable solutions through technology and art in order to:
  • actively participate in the development of rural and non-commercial communities
  • encourage the exchange of know-how
  • preserve cultural and natural heritage