In 2018, we started working with the Province of Pallasca, a rural community in the Peruvian Andes, 800 km from Lima. Local, historical and cultural identity is a community's richest resource for development, but we have observed a decline and loss of this wealth in this community.

We have begun to raise awareness among the local inhabitants, especially the new generation, of the importance of preserving their heritage. To this end, we have familiarized them with the collection and organization of information and the use of digital tools that this community could use in a near future in order to develop activities related to alternative tourism.

The second part of the project consists of workshops about digital content creation and a documentary that will present the potential cultural routes built in collaboration with local actors.

Since July 2019, we have been collaborating with Léontine, Missy, Alys and Julien, 4 French artists who have volunteered to illustrate some stories, typical objects, traditions and natural resources of this Andean community. Thanks to them, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to promote the heritage content collected until now and finance the continuity of the project.